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We provide the most complete AC maintenance plans

Our job is to make sure your heating and cooling system stays operational when you need it most. That is why we took recommendations from the ACCA, Energy Star, and Department of Energy to provide our customers with the most complete maintenance plan possible. Our Energy Savings plans provide safety inspections, routine cleaning, warranty validation, and much more. 
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One ounce of prevention

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Did you know every air conditioner, furnace, heat pump and air handler requires annual maintenance to keep a valid manufacturers warranty? That's because major, more costly components rely on smaller, less costly components to function properly. If these smaller components are not checked and replaced as needed, it can lead to major component failure. No one wants to pay for that, even the manufacturers. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Our technicians are true professionals.They will perform diagnostics and repairs with precision, friendly manner, and clean up when they are done.  All ACS technicians are drug-free and will not smoke or swear in your home. We are so confident in the professionalism of our technicians that if they have not performed their job according to these high standards, you don’t have to pay until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Benefits of being an Energy Savings Plan Member

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checked checkboxPriority service - Like cutting in line at Disneyland
checked checkboxDiscounted Prices - Up to 30% off
checked checkboxProlonged Life - Major components last longer
checked checkboxBetter Efficiency - Clean heat exchangers perfom better

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